A picture of bygone Buriton

An illustrated talk about what the parish was like 180 years ago

Between 1836 and 1845 detailed surveys were undertaken in the vast majority of rural parishes across the country.

For each parish a detailed map and accompanying schedules were produced.

The maps show every building, field, footpath, road, wood and feature in the parish. Everything was mapped and measured and all the residents were recorded along with any taxes (tithes) paid to the church or rents paid to landlords.

The acreages recorded provide reasonably reliable guides to the extent of different categories of land use and crop yields and, due to the relatively uniform way in which the surveys were conducted, data from one parish can be compared with those from nearby.

Robert Mocatta has been studying the Tithe Map for Buriton which was produced in 1840. With help and encouragement from the Hampshire Records Office he has been able to transfer all the information onto modern-day maps and so he is able to show what has changed over the years.

In what promises to be a fascinating insight into our historical parish, Robert’s illustrated talk will explain what Buriton was like 180 years ago and make comparisons with some neighbouring parishes to reveal what made Buriton special or different.

The talk begins at 7.30pm in the Village Hall and everyone is welcome. Admission will be free of charge with a retiring collection to cover costs.