Buriton Village Association

Fascinating talk about amazing archaeological findings

About 60 people enjoyed a very informative, well-illustrated and entertaining talk in the village hall on 19 March

Ryan Watts, Learning & Community Engagement Officer from the Petersfield Museum, provided lots of information about the recent community archaeology project ‘People of the Heath’ which has confirmed that Petersfield Heath is the densest concentration of Bronze Age round barrows in the south east of England, dating from 4,000 years ago.

Local WW1 history revealed

As part of Buriton's programme of activities to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the WW1 Armistice, scores of parishioners squeezed into the village hall on Wednesday 7 November to hear some fascinating findings from 100 years ago.

For the last four years a small team of researchers has been finding out what living conditions were like in the Buriton area as well as discovering information about parishioners who took part in the conflict.

WW1 talk in the village hall

Professor Clive Harfield travelled about 11,000 miles from his home in Australia, back to his family roots in Buriton, to give this talk.

He provided some detailed background about how he had first obtained his interest in history as part of his University Degree at Southampton and how, having learnt that his grandfather had taken part in the First World War, he had started to try to find out information about his military service and that of others.

Bygone Buriton revealed

Almost exactly 70 people squeezed into the village hall on 21st March and were enthralled by Robert Mocatta’s detailed research into what Buriton was like almost 200 years ago.


Farming dominated the way of life of most families in the parish, with a tripartite structure of land-owning landlords, tenant farmers and labourers.