Buriton Village Association

WW1 talk in the village hall

Professor Clive Harfield travelled about 11,000 miles from his home in Australia, back to his family roots in Buriton, to give this talk.

He provided some detailed background about how he had first obtained his interest in history as part of his University Degree at Southampton and how, having learnt that his grandfather had taken part in the First World War, he had started to try to find out information about his military service and that of others.

Bygone Buriton revealed

Almost exactly 70 people squeezed into the village hall on 21st March and were enthralled by Robert Mocatta’s detailed research into what Buriton was like almost 200 years ago.


Farming dominated the way of life of most families in the parish, with a tripartite structure of land-owning landlords, tenant farmers and labourers.


Queen Elizabeth Parks: Buriton and Uganda

An insight into a unique community project spanning 4,000 miles.

The Queen Elizabeth National Park is the most visited national park in Uganda, known for its wildlife, including Cape buffaloes, hippopotami, crocodiles, elephants, leopards, Congo lions and chimpanzees. It is home to 95 species of mammal and over 500 species of birds.

This national park is linked with the Queen Elizabeth Country Park in Hampshire through a project of cultural exchange and mutual support that focuses on supporting conservation through working closely with and empowering local communities.

'Secrets of the High Wood' revealed in Buriton

Discoveries made after airborne laser scanning mapped part of the South Downs National Park that had been hidden under woodland for hundreds of years were described at the Buriton Village Association autumn talk in October.

About sixty people came to the village hall to hear Anne Bone of the National Park Authority explain how cutting-edge LiDAR surveys had revealed hundreds of exciting archaeological discoveries.

Fascinating history of local A3 road to be revealed

While travelling in traffic between Buriton and Portsmouth, or northwards towards Guildford, have you ever thought that you are following one of the most important routes in British history?

The link between London and the country?s great naval fortress at Portsmouth has been travelled by powerful people and by ordinary wayfarers - and it has played its part in some important national events.

Local Woodland Industries ? an illustrated talk with scores of pictures from yesteryear

Tim Winter will talk about how people were employed working in coppice woodland to produce a wide variety of products including charcoal, bark for tanneries, hurdles, hop poles, besom brooms, walking sticks, barrel hoops and clog soles.

Tim is an expert on many facets of local history and this talk is not to be missed.

The talk will take place in the Village Hall on Tuesday 15th March, commencing at 7.30pm

Everybody is welcome to this spring meeting of the Buriton Village Association.  As always there will be refreshments in the interval and a retiring collection.